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User-driven collection of Cocoa categories. Categories is a way to add functionality to classes that you do not have the source code to.

Apple Documentation: Customizing Existing Classes


Since I first read about objective-c categories I have, with every new project, increased my usage of this wonderful feature. I wanted more, but good categories were not that easy to find. So I decided to create this site with a vision to gather all the best categories that people create in one place and to help others find them as well.


Use them as you like and feel free to add your own, or anyone elses categories (if they dont mind) to the collection. The main purpose of this site is to spread the knowledge of categories and to create a single place to find the best ones. In future versions you will probably find more advanced filtering, tags and so on but I will take this as the need arises.

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I am Fille Åström, co-founder and developer @ IMGNRY.


I appreciate all the feedback I can get, and I am very eager to improve this idea in any way possible. If you have anything to say, may it be complaints, suggestions or just nice words, do not hesitate to send me an email on or message @bobmoff on Twitter or

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