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Introduction to Tianmu Mountain

    Standing between Mount Huangshan and the East China Sea, Tianmu Mountain overlooks the area of Wuyue and is renowned in southeast China. Two peaks of the mountain, Daxian Peak in the east being 1480 meters high, and Xianren Peak in the west being 1506 meters high, are facing each other. On either peak there is a natural pool. The two pools lie there, just as eyes staring at the sky. Thus, the mountain got its name as Tianmu (eyes of the sky).
    Tianmu Mountain is a religiously famous mountain in south Yangtze River area. In Eastern Han Dynasty, Zhang Daoling, the master of Taoism, cultivated himself at “34 fascinating places” of Tianmu Mountain. Buddhism is dated from Jin Dynasty. Liang Zhaoming distributed sutras and wrote articles here. Gaofeng and Zhongfeng, the founders of Yuanshizi Zen temple of orthodox school were respected as “Living Buddha of south Yangtze River area”. Chanyuan Temple, established by Yulin master of Qing Dynasty, performs well and later became very famous in southeast China. Emperor Qianlong came to the mountain twice, granting The Infinite Life Sutra, titling Heart Sutra, and named the mountain “King of Trees”. Numerous men of letters in various dynasties had came to the mountain and left excellent works. During the Republic of China, the Japanese invaded China, and Tianmu Mountain had become the center of anti-Japanese activities of Zhejiang Province for a time. Zhou Enlai had taken risk to come to the mountain to discuss about the approach to save China. After the foundation of People’s Republic of China, the year 1986 witnessed the mountain’s approval by the country as the first batch of National Nature Reserve. In 1996, it joined in UNESCO’s International Man and Biosphere Reserve Network, turning into a world-level nature reserve.
   With abundant varieties of precious wildlife and vegetation, Tianmu Mountain is a significant base of national education and study. Moreover, it is awarded with the title “National base for youngsters’ technology and science education”, and “National base for science popularization education”. Not only boasting flourishing and age-old trees, Tianmu Mountain also owns strange-looked rocks and springs and waterfalls with inviting charm. Renowned as “Tree Kingdom” and “cool paradise”, it has been a famous spot since the ancient times. Tianmu Mountain, which possess endless beauty and bright culture, is a true wonder of the world.

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