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Introduction to Qianwang Ancestral Temple

Qianwang Ancestral Temple was built in Northern Song Dynasty, the 10th year of Xining (A.D. 1077), in memory of Qianwang, the federal king of the State of Wuyue. Over 900 years has passed, Bazi Wall is the only original remain today.

The renovated ancestral temple rehabilitated the main architectures, in which historical relics about Qianwang are displayed. High-tech methods of sound, light, and electricity are employed to reproduce the historical scene of building seawall. Modern science and classical art are perfectly combined here.

Ancient stage is also built in the ancestral temple, on which The Story of Qian Mu, Kunqu Opera, Peking Opera, and Shaoxing Opera are played to emphasize the local and ancient flavor.


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