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Introduction to Mogan Mountain

Mogan Mountain scenic area, located in Deqing, Zhejiang, belongs to the Tianmu Mountain range. Mogan Mountain is renowned at home and abroad especially for its “Bamboo, cloud, spring” and “green, cool, cleanliness, tranquility”. It enjoys a good reputation as “the cool paradise”.

Mogan Mountain is only 60 kilometers to the northwest of Hangzhou and 200 kilometers to the southwest of Shanghai. However, the temperature here is usually 6 to 7 degree cooler than the two cities. The central area of Mogan Mountain, including Tashan Mountain, Zhonghua Mountain, Jinjia Mountain, Wuji Mountain, Mogan Mountain Ridge, Paotai Mountain, etc., boasts vegetation coverage of 92%. Tall bamboo grove can be seen in all directions, sheltering you from springs and waterfalls. Tall and straight Japanese fir and Song Dynasty Gingko further add the delightful serenity of seclusion.

Sunrise and sea of clouds can be seen from the top of Zhonghua Mountain and Tashan Mountain. Jianchi Pool is the place that cannot be more suitable to view the waterfalls and springs. Pavilions such as Xvguang, Yunyi, Qingliang and Guanpu is scattering in many scenic spots like Mogan Lake, Biwulong Spring, Tianquan Mountain and the Crossdrift.


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